“Where’s Auralia Today?” – Report #1: Adam Walter

June 28, 2007


Auralia is a young woman with extraordinary artistic gifts. 

She scurries about through the Cragavar Forest finding ways to surprise people — kings, soldiers, harvesters, thieves, jailers, and more — with inventions that broaden what they believe is possible. She even surprises the Cent Regus beastmen… savage, ravenous creatures who have devolved from kingdom ruined by sorcery.

Likewise, Auralia’s Colors is about to set out on its own journey, as a story, around the world. And as the story moves, I’ll be keeping an eye on Auralia “sightings.”

Send me your Auralia sightings! If you tell me about your experience reading it, I’ll post it here as an episode of “Where’s Auralia Today?” Or if you find the book mentioned somewhere else, I’ll include that as well.

So, Report #1 of Where’s Auralia Today?

Why, there she is at the blog tracking the Nearly Impossible Adventures of Adam Walter.

Alan got his hands on a sneak-preview copy Auralia’s Colors. And you can read his note about discovering the story. 


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