Where’s Auralia Today? Report #3: Johan Klein Haneveld

July 4, 2007

Today, Auralia’s in Holland, and Johan Klein Haneveld reports:

I read Auralia’s first chapter in Delft, the Netherlands, in my flat on the fifteenth floor, looking out at a wonderful cloudscape that could have come from a Dutch painting… Not weather to go out in though. Anyway, as a follower of your blog, a lover of fantasy and science fiction and an author myself, I’m very much interested in the progress of this book. The concept is certainly original as much as I understand it. The importance on beauty is something I often think about, and it’s importance to the human soul (as beauty points us to God ultimately, or so I believe), so if only for the theme I’m very much interested in reading your book. I hope it will also become available in Europe, if only via amazon.co.uk (shipping from the U.S. would be a bit much).

 Thanks for writing, Johan. Good news! It’s already available via amazon.co.uk.

As for the style, I had to adjust a bit, having just read one of my favorite authors Stephen Lawhead … The Iron Lance, which is about the Crusades.

I read a lot of Lawhead when I was in high school, so I’m sure his work has influenced me… especially The Pendragon Cycle. In fact, I thank him in the acknowledgments, along with my other favorite writers. (I’ll let that be a surprise.)

Have you read Chapter One yet? Download it here (PDF), and send me a report!


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