Where’s Auralia Today? Report #4 – Carole from Seattle

July 9, 2007

Have you read Chapter One yet? Download it here (PDF), and send me a report!

Carole from Seattle writes:

You’ve drawn me into Auralia’s world for a little while; I’m anxious to return. Excellent! I worked very hard all day and was tired.  I had saved your first chapter for a treat, so I decided to read it to relax.  I curled up in my comfy chair with my laptop, and in just a few ‘pages’ I was whisked off to somewhere else.  I wonder what happens next …

Thanks, Carole.

What happens next? A great deal. Auralia grows up. She discovers her name, while others attempt to force a name upon her. She finds out what she can do… what she alone can do. And then she must determine what to do with that gift. The society around her is beseiged by dangers both outside (a particularly savage species) and within (a corrupt king and queen). It’s in danger of collapse. But if she applies herself to saving it, she’s in for a world of trouble. It might be a whole lot easier just to run away.

Beginnings are so very important. I’m glad Chapter One caught your attention. I can remember so many of my favorite beginnings. Sometimes, it has something to do with the simple rhythm of it: “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” Or with information that draws you in to a time and a place: “The primroses were over.” Sometimes it’s a loaded statement: “Call me Ishmael.” Sometimes, for creative inspiration, I’ll visit a bookstore or library and just start reading the opening paragraphs of books I’ve never seen before. My head will spin with all of the possibilities.

Thanks for writing! We’re just a month-and-a-half from the release now…


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