“Where’s Auralia Today?” – Report #9, Deena

August 23, 2007

Auralia has been discovered by Deena in Yuba City, CA!

She writes:

Sitting at my desk at work, I had just finished reading what many are calling the definitive fantasy novel, and discovered I had developed a craving for fantasy. But not just any fantasy… I wanted something with a point… something with that epic feel that celebrated God and His creation, but was unique and different. I did my usual thing, which was browsing the new release Christian fiction at Christianbook.com… when I stumbled upon a rather intriguing looking cover. Further investigation revealed a new fantasy series on the horizon, and when I did a web search, I found it was generating quite a buzz. I hunted down and downloaded the first chapter of Auralia’s Colors, and I found myself captivated. What was this wonderful girl I had found, and what secrets did she hide within her pages?? I peeked at the release date, and was SO dismayed… I can’t wait. I must have more Auralia!!

Well, Deena, I certainly hope you can wait! I’m not sure I could live with the guilt if anything happened to you!

But seriously, I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter. Yes, the first chapter reveals the discovery of a strange girl who will grow up to wield formidable talents. And that’s good news for some, bad for others.

This book that you just finished reading… it wouldn’t happen to be a book about a boy wizard, would it? Just a hunch. (Scroll down to the revealing photograph below, in which that book makes a cameo appearance.)

Speaking of Harry Potter… you know, like the rest of the world knows, that Harry has a curious scar on his forehead.

In Auralia’s Colors, there is a young boy of mysterious parentage who has a scar on his forehead. I am bracing myself for the onslaught of accusations about that detail, so let me set the record straight right now: I wrote the first draft of Auralia’s Colors in 1996, before I had ever heard of Harry Potter or J. K. Rowling. The boy in my story was first described as having a frightful burn mark, shaped like a mouse, on his forehead. This was a clue to the fact that this child survived some kind of close encounter with fire in his infancy.

Of course, since then I’ve noticed that there are boys with memorable scars in the work of Patricia McKillip, Frank Herbert, and many other imaginative writers as well. So no, it’s not the most original detail in the story, and if I had it to do over again I might write it differently. But it is in no way inspired by Mr. Potter. I promise. And this boy is quite a different chap than young Harry.


One Response to ““Where’s Auralia Today?” – Report #9, Deena”

  1. Rel Says:

    Hey Jeff, Auralia will be making her way to the land Down Under soon when I receive a review copy from Waterbrook. I’ll be back in touch and will let you know how she (me!) enjoyed the journey! šŸ™‚

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