Where’s Auralia today? Report #12: Tim Frankovich

September 3, 2007

Fiction reviewer Tim Frankovich and I have been chatting about storytelling for several years online. So it was fun to see him review something I’ve written.

And while this review appears at ChristianFictionReview.com, I would never categorize my story as “Christian fiction.” I’d just call it fiction themes or ideas that resonate with Christian thought, that’s fine… but you can find echoes of Christian thought in all kinds of storytelling, even by people who aren’t Christians. Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen… I would never claim to belong in their company, but their stories resonate with Christian themes and ideas. Are their books “Christian fiction”? (Speaking of fantasy, there are echoes of Christianity all over Pan’s Labyrinth too, even though Guillermo Del Toro insists that he is not a Christian.)

Anyway, Frankovich’s review starts like this:

I first read an early copy of Auralia’s Colors something like five years ago, when there was little hope of its being published. Then early last year, I heard that Water Brook had bought it… It seems like I’ve been waiting a long time to review this story! It’s not quite the same as the first time I read it; it’s better. ,,,


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