Where’s Auralia today? EVERYWHERE!

September 5, 2007

Today, reports are coming in of Auralia sightings at:

Third Place Books: An amazing independent bookstore in Seattle, where fiction connossieur Adam Walter has placed Auralia’s Colors on the Staff Picks shelf, alongside his capsule review:

This smart, lively cautionary tale chronicles the strange history of a kingdom destroying itself over a fundamental misunderstanding about the purpose of Beauty. The first volume in a new epic, Overstreet’s novel often feels like a fantasy counterpart to Fahrenheit 451. And in terms of storytelling, it reads like a surprising intersection between the styles of Bradbury, Patricia McKillip, and Kate DiCamillo. He’ll be in the store for a reading on September 22. See you there! –Adam

This note came in from New York City’s SuperFastReader over at the Looking Closer Journal:

Just bought a copy at the Barnes & Noble on Union Square in New York City… am very excited to read! When I asked the salesclerk if they had it, she said, “Oh! We had a huge display, but we had to take it down for the Bill Clinton event.” Hopefully they will be putting it back up… 

“Hopefully” … indeed! A “huge display”? If anybody out there sees this display, I’d sure love to see it. Snap a photo, and I’ll put it up on this blog. 

I filled out an interview questionairre for Kelly Klepfer’s blog, Scrambled Dregs, and you can catch me rambling on about this and that and Auralia’s Colors there. Kelly writes:

… this is not a quick read because I’ve found myself stopping to savor some delicious writing. So, I look forward to offering a full review in November. In the meantime, lovers of language, of different worlds and compelling stories may want to … read more about Auralia’s Colors.

Elsewhere, Opus calls it “a very enjoyable and fanciful work, part Neil Gaiman and part Mervyn Peake.”

And last night, somewhere in Seattle, a young man named Eric got a copy for his birthday, and his older brother Andrew snatched it away, read the first four chapters, and emailed me to say:

I will have to go pick one up so I can get my own signed copy. I’m in the fourth chapter and I must say I haven’t been this intrigued since Harry Potter.

And I thought writing the book was fun. But my mailbox is full of great surprises so far this week.

Check back! More updates are coming in as Auralia’s Release Week unfolds.


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