Where’s Auralia Today? Report 16: Julie, Bryan

September 17, 2007

Well… Auralia has taken on a life of her own.

I am so grateful for the encouragement and enthusiasm I’m hearing from those of you who are reading Auralia’s Colors. It’s giving me inspiration and strength as I work on revising the second book and preparing it for publication.

Julie Davis, who blogs at the popular Happy Catholic site, has just finished Auralia’s Colors.

Here’s her review!

There is no way I can adequately describe this book except to say that what sounds like most outrageous fantasy is actually grounded in the underlying hard reality of those “truths” recognized by all great storytellers. I am loathe to say too much for fear of deriving readers of the pleasure of discovering these underlying themes for themselves. I read this book in three days because every time I picked it up I simply could not put it down.

Author Jeffrey Overstreet gives credit to many recognized great authors for being his inspiration but I think it is fair to say that this is not derivative. He has crafted something completely new that shows us those old realities of which we all need to be reminded through art. Probably my highest tribute is to say that this book can be enjoyed by everyone, whether simply lovers of fiction or those who look for, as Overstreet says, “a glimmer of his [the Great Artist] glory in these pages.” I eagerly look forward to the next installment of this trilogy.

Bryan Owenswrites:

I was visiting my daughter Rae at the University of Colorado in Boulder yesterday. I looked on her bookshelf and saw your book! (picture attached). She had gone to Borders to get it and is about half way through already. She loves it.

And he attached a photo of Rae’s bookshelf to prove it:


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