Thanks to Martin Stillion for pointing out that today is the birthday of two writers whose work has been an inspiration to me since childhood.

I wish I had been able to present them with copies of Auralia’s Colors in person, as a gesture of gratitude and evidence that their testimonies, ideas, and stories have changed my life dramatically.


The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance has been giving generous attention to Auralia’s Colors this week, and I’ve been delighted by some of the comments and reviews they’ve contributed.

Here are a few samples:


Of all the books I’ve read in 2007, Auralia’s Colors is, by far, my favorite. His writing pulled me in from the first, and his characters and storyworld kept me reading when I should’ve been doing other things. Like schoolwork. 🙂


I highly recommend Auralia’s Colors. I was drawn in by the lyrical writing style and transfixed by Jeffrey Overstreet’s truly artistic imagery. The characters and creatures of the expanse came alive through the words on the pages of this book. This novel is woven throughout with wonder, mystery and color. I find it hard to accurately describe the impressions left after reading Auralia’s Colors. I do believe that because of this book I felt a renewed appreciation for the riot of light and color that has been so abundant in our area this autumn season. I look forward to the next volume of the series.


In the tradition of Tolkien, Donaldson, and Brooks, Jeffrey Overstreet has created a land full of mystery, mythology, heros, heroines, disaster and triumph. From the minute I read of a small baby being found nestled in a very large footprint, I was hooked. There is a huge cast of characters in this story and their lives are woven together in a colorful tapestry of love, sacrifice, deceit and betrayal. … If you enjoy good fantasy writing, you will enjoy this story. And, like me, you will be clamoring for more. I am hanging onto this book, but if you want to get your own copy, you can either buy it yourself, or leave a note for your significant other…they are wondering just what to get you for Christmas, aren’t they? There is nothing better than a good book!


A fitting tribute to Tolkien…. Every word is pure poetry, every paragraph a breathtaking portrait and every chapter a spellbinding saga. I am hooked! I am eagerly waiting to read the rest of the books in this thread. Jeffrey Overstreet has now taken a permanent place in the handful of favorite authors that I have!

If you check fast, Auralia’s Colors is a news item on the front page of, right between headlines about new work by Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. Nifty!

(If you don’t see it there anymore, check the archive.)

Many thanks to John Joseph Adams, who wrote this article about the book, and asked me thoughtful interview questions.

Auralia finds new friends…

November 17, 2007

A good friend just alerted me to the reviews page at Faithful Reader, where a new review of Auralia’s Colors has just been published.

And at Infuze, Cheryl Russell writes, “This book has earned a place on my keeper shelf, with enough space reserved for the rest of the series.”

And then this email showed up from a new Auralia reader:

Hello, my name is Michael Kane.

I just finished reading Auralia’s Colors and I must say I’m impressed.

For the last year I’ve worked at a christian bookstore, and must admit I get tired of the mediocre stories and writing that so proliferates the market today.

As someone who whet my teeth on Lewis, Tolkien, and MacDonald, it can be hard to swallow a lot of what is publishers claim is fiction.

I saw one brief ad for your book, I beieve in a free sample book put out by Waterbrook, and made a note of the release date in the back of my mind. Release date came and passed. No Auralia’s Colors. The particular store I work in is a small regional chain, so I understand perfectly well that the owners must carry what will sell. Fantasy is never an easy sell and so I usually only see a few copies of a particular fantasy book hit out shelves.

Last week I was dusting the fiction section when I found a single copy of Auralia’s Colors. It was the only one we had received and it had eluded my notice apparently for a week. I bought the book on the spot. However due to an impending eight page paper due in a certain history class, I was unable to start it until this last weekend. I was very impressed from the start.

But come the chapter on the Rites I was thoroughly sucked in. That was Monday evening. Come Tuesday morning around 3:00 A.M I was done.

I can truthfully say that I consider Auralia’s Colors one of the best modern fantasies I have read. Particular haunting to me were the Northchildren and the Keeper. The way you handled them were nothing short of masterful. You had done such an excellent job in hinting and them both both and building the myth and mystery surrounding them, that when they were finally reavealed, the effect was piercingly beautiful.

And as such, I had difficulty sleeping after reading the chapter “Laughter in Chains.”

Thank you so much for writing this novel. As one who one day dreams of doing the same, I would rather not imagine the toil required to produce it such a work of art. For now I must scrounge some patience while awaiting the stories that follow Auralia.

And I must also figure out how to convice my manager to pull in some more copies of Auralia into the store. … It’s the least I can do for you after you caused me to lose half a night of sleep at the end of the semester, a time when I have so many other supposedly more important but so much less interesting things to do.

Thank you again!

Michael Kane

Michael, I’m not sure how to respond except to say… THANK YOU!!

Novel Journey’s Ane Mulligan just posted her conversation with me about Auralia’s Colors. These are the questions she asked:

  • Time to crow: What new book or project do you have coming out?
  • How did you come up with this story? Was there a specific ‘what if’ moment?
  • You write movie reviews for Christianity Today. How did you get into that?
  • Every novelist has a journey. You say on your blog you dreamed about your first novel since you were five. That’s a long road to publication. Tell us about it. How did you find out and what went through your mind?
  • Do you ever bang your head against the wall from the dreaded writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?
  • Novelists sometimes dig themselves into a hole over implausible plots, flat characters or a host of other problems. What’s the most difficult part of writing for you?
  • How did you climb out or overcome it?
  • Where do you write: In a cave, a coffeehouse, or a cozy attic nook?
  • What does a typical day look like for you?
  • Some authors report writing 5-10 thousand words a day. Do scenes flow freely from your veins or do you have to tweeze each word out?
  • Briefly take us through your process of writing a novel—from conception to revision.
  • What are a few of your favorite books (not written by you) and why are they favorites?
  • What’s the best writing advice you’ve heard?
  • What do you wish you’d known early in your career that might have saved you some time and/or frustration in writing? In publishing?
  • How much marketing do you do? What have you found that particularly works well for you?
  • Do you have any parting words of advice?

On Sunday, November 18, at 2:00 p.m., join me for an Auralia’s Colors party at one of my favorite coffee shops!

At Hotwire Internet Espresso Cafe (North), I’ll be reading from Auralia’s Colors, providing signed copies (just in time for Christmas gifts), and answering questions.

And you’ll enjoy Hotwire’s menu of fabulous coffee drinks, including their spicy new Mexican Mocha, which is just about the perfect drink for a blustery November afternoon.

Hotwire Internet Espresso Cafe (North) is located at 17551 15th Ave NE, in Shoreline, Washington… about five minutes from my house.

I’d love to see you there!

(The next opportunity will be up in Bellingham, Washington, on Wednesday, November 28th.)

Free copy!

November 2, 2007

Deena is giving away a copy of Auralia’s Colors! It could be yours….