Reviews at Crosswalk and elsewhere on “Auralia’s Colors”

December 1, 2007

I’ve been reading movie reviews at Crosswalk for years, so it’s kind of wild to see some criticism there relating to my own work. What a relief that they found it worthwhile.

Thanks to Cheryl Russell for her review, and thanks also to other reviewers: Thanks to Valerie Comer. And thanks to Jake at Bookshelf Review who says,

Jeffrey Overstreet has crafted a beautifully woven tale of hope and adventure in this marvelous debut. His writing is rich and gripping, forcing the reader to savor every line as the story unfolds at a perfect pace. Overstreet’s characters are wonderfully fashioned and the struggles and triumphs of each are incredibly captivating.

You can’t read Auralia’s Colors without sensing that this is the start of something great. With more volumes of Auralia’s Thread to come, I cannot wait to see where Jeffrey Overstreet takes us next.


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