One week until the deadline for “Cyndere’s Midnight”!

January 7, 2008

Many, many readers received copies of Auralia’s Colors for Christmas.

How do I know? I received the orders, I signed the copies, and I mailed them off myself.

So, to all of you just beginning your first journey into the Expanse, I hope you enjoy it!

Meanwhile, my head is spinning with details for the sequel, which is, believe it or not, a bigger story.

This week, I have been writing almost 12 hours a day, revising and polishing up Cyndere’s Midnight, the Blue Strand of The Auralia Thread.

The book is truly monstrous. That is to say, it is packed with monsters. If you’ve read Auralia’s Colors, brace yourself, because the Cent Regus beastmen who lurked around the edges of that story are crawling all over this one.

But fear not. There are familiar faces aplenty. If you like the ale boy, you’ll be happy to know that he’s all over this book, climbing from dungeons to the chambers of royalty, from kitchens full of hungry soldiers to creepy old merchant shacks buried in the snow.

Yes, Cal-raven and many more characters you met in Auralia’s Colors, are back for more. Maybe even some you didn’t expect to see again.

And yet, you’ll be meeting many new characters too. In fact, the two main characters in Cyndere’s Midnight did not have any lines at all in Auralia’s Colors. But I think you’ll find them interesting. They’ve held my attention for the past several years as the story has taken shape.

There’s a beauty, and there’s a beast.

Hey, that sounds strangely familiar…


3 Responses to “One week until the deadline for “Cyndere’s Midnight”!”

  1. valerie Says:

    Sounds great! And I need to remember to email you in the next couple days, once I get my thoughts together and figure out what we could interview about for the upcoming blog tour. You up for that?

  2. So, when do I get a review copy?!?!? I’ve been VERY patient…but I need a trip back to the Expanse, and I need to see how Auralia’s doing! Pretty Please?

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