No, that’s not the cover.

April 16, 2008

A few places online are displaying what they believe to be the cover art for Cyndere’s Midnight… but alas, they’re wrong. It’s a beautiful image, but it is not the final, offical cover art for the book.

Stay tuned. The official cover art will be posted very soon!


3 Responses to “No, that’s not the cover.”

  1. trent Says:

    Aw, that’s gotta make you feel a bit like Apple, what with the rumour sites and all that.

    Of course, unlike Apple, you commented. Which isn’t a bad thing, just pointing out the similarities end fairly quickly. I mean, besides the obvious one that they’re a Multi-billion dollar corporation and you are a writer working at least three jobs to make ends meet….

  2. Magma Says:

    awwwwww……so the cover will be even PRETTIER then the one we can see currently? I hope so!…..though I don’t know how they COULD make the cover prettier then it already is……

  3. Magma Says:

    sooooo……I found another cover image and posted about it on my blog….and I actually found a summary for Cyndere’s Midnight on the same site….

    is this one the final cover image? (May 4th post of my blog)

    my curiousity is just itching to start a cat genocide.


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