Rachel Sarah describes herself as a voracious reader, truth seeker, writer, editor, and educator. And she has just written down her impressions of Auralia’s Colors. I’m grateful.


Kristopher Orr is the artist responsible for the extraordinary book cover art for Auralia’s Colors.

Now he’s working on the cover for the sequel, Cyndere’s Midnight.

He and the good folks at WaterBrook Press are all interested in your thoughts on two possibilities. Which do you prefer? Which is more likely to intrigue bookstore browsers enough that they’ll pick it up?

Note: This is not a formal vote. Opinions will not be tallied for a decision. But your thoughts about the covers will be helpful in the last stages of decision-making. So we’d appreciate hearing which one you prefer and why.

Please consider these two designs, then post your thoughts in the comments here, or email me. (joverstreet – at – gmail – dot – com).

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I’m grateful to have been honored by another reader over at Amazon. Thank you, Mr. Mcguire!

It’s official today, so I can share the surprising news…

… and my thanks to the Christy Award Advisory board and the judges who enjoyed Auralia’s Colors!

Ann Arbor, Mich.—The Christy Advisory Board is pleased to announce nominees in nine categories for the 2008 Christy Awards honoring Christian fiction. The Christy Awards dinner will be held Saturday evening, July 12, 2008, at The Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida. Visit the Christy Awards online at http://www.christyawards.com for more information.

The Christy Awards 2008 Nominees

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A few places online are displaying what they believe to be the cover art for Cyndere’s Midnight… but alas, they’re wrong. It’s a beautiful image, but it is not the final, offical cover art for the book.

Stay tuned. The official cover art will be posted very soon!

Auralia’s Colors is going into its second printing!

And to mark this event, WaterBrook has given the book a new look.

And there’s more good news today. But, well, that’s classified. Stay tuned, though, and I’ll share something very exciting soon…


At The Greenman Review, Matthew Winslow writes:

I’m so pleased to report … that Auralia’s Colors is one of the best fantasy books of 2007, reminiscent of Patricia McKillip, but more so.

Overstreet’s use of language is beautiful and lyrical, reminiscent of Patricia McKillip’s elegant prose. The book starts out slowly — to be honest, it took me a few attempts before I really got into the book — but once it gets going, it’s a page-turner, and that not just for the lovely writing: Overstreet gives us a story that we want to see to its end, but that we also do not want ever to end.

Coming in September…

January 31, 2008


On Monday, February 4, I’ll be finished with my revisions

for Cyndere’s Midnight.

And then, the countdown begins.

Let me again answer what is bound to be the most commonly asked question:

It’s pronounced like the word “cinder.”


Auralia’s Colors has been inspiring some interesting responses from readers. Today, I received a package today from Vicki, an Auralia’s Colors reader in Manila.

Vicki works in Manila, but she was reading Auralia’s Colors while traveling to a scientific conference in Taipei.

This is the second time she’s sent me an extravagant package. (She wrote in response to Through a Screen Darkly too.) What fun. It reminds me of receiving care packages from home after I moved from Portland to Seattle for college. Anyway, I’m bowled over by the latest, which included a book about the life of J.R.R. Tolkien, and some photos like these:

The Grand Hotel in Taipei. (Click to enlarge.)
View over Taipei. (Click to enlarge.)

Auralia’s learned a few tricks from the lawn gnome in Amelie, I see.

Thanks, Vicki!

Don’t forget: I’ll be reading from Auralia’s Colors at the SPU Library on Thursday. The “Food for Thought” program coordinator wants me to mention that space is limited, so get there early.

Want a free copy of Auralia’s Colors? Jen just might give you one.

Want to read my conversation with Graeme at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review? Here it is! Many thanks to Graeme Flory, who asked thoughtful questions. (He also wrote a detailed review.)

Kevin Lucia at TitleTrakk also asked me some questions about Auralia’s Colors. TitleTrakk’s review of Auralia’s Colors was published a while back.