This is the work of an artist named Kristopher Orr. Wait until you see the illustration he’s crafted that goes with it…


I’m rather startled to discover that, although the book won’t be available until September, you can already pre-order Auralia’s Colors!!

Go see Pan’s Labyrinth.

It’s the best fantasy film since Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, and in some ways it’s even better.

But don’t take the kids. Trust me… don’t take the kids.

For years, I have browsed the fantasy literature section of bookstores, and cringed at how many book covers display appallingly bad art.

So much fantasy art is cheesy, ridiculously lurid, painfully derivative, and preoccupied with violent spectacles.

All along the way, I’ve prayed: “Lord, if you ever bless me with the publication of a store, please, please, please… save me from a bad book cover.” And I’ve had nightmares about what I would do if the book had a cover that misrepresented the story or depicted characters who were not at all what I saw in my own imagination. (Have you seen some of those early Lord of the Rings covers? Yikes.)

This week, I saw an early draft of concept art for the front cover of Auralia’s Colors, designed by an artist named Kristopher Orr.


Oh, wow.

If it were a movie poster, I’d drop everything and run to see this movie.

If it were a book… wait, it is a book. It’s my book!

My prayers have been answered. Auralia’s Colors will have a beautiful cover.

I am so very, very thankful.

Stay tuned.